Dr. Denise Plaisance, Shape ReClaimed™ Practitioner, St. Louis MO

SHAPE ReClaimed ™

SHAPE ReClaimed ™ is a safe, effective and practitioner-guided health transformation program.

With the help of whole food nutrition and the SHAPE Nanomolecular Dietary Supplement, this customizable program can help you restore your health and revitalize your life!

The SHAPE ReClaimed program helps restore your health by:

  • Reducing inflammation

  • Cleansing and detoxification

  • Strengthening immunity

  • Releasing toxic weight

    Experience total health transformation through new lifestyle habits, a more balanced approach to food and have the tools necessary for long-term success. Contact us to learn more about SHAPE ReClaimed today.

    The program and products are only available through licensed practitioners who have been trained on how to use the program to help you discover a healthier you. You will be closely monitored to ensure safety, improve results and guide you toward long-term health.

Benefits of SHAPE ReClaimed:

Dr. Denise Plaisance, Shape ReClaimed™ Practitioner, St. Louis MO

• Reduce inflammation
• Detox and cleanse
• Enhance immune function
• Safely release excess weight
• Create a healthy relationship with food
• Decrease pain
• Improve digestion
• Increase energy
• Improve sleep
• Improve mood
• Improve mental clarity
• Balance hormones
• Improve skin health
• Improve hair and nail health
• Improve blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels
• Decrease or eliminate medication dependency (with practitioner supervision)

What else can you experience with SHAPE ReClaimed? Find out by starting your journey today!

Learn long term life skills, create community, OFFICIAL SHAPE ReClaimed™ Support, restore your health, and


Shape ReClaimed®
I tried Shape Reclaimed years ago and for the past few months, it was in the back of my brain that I needed this program again. My knees hurt when I would exercise but new shoes and inserts didn’t help. I was bloated, fatigued and felt like I was in a fog. No matter how hard I worked, I could not seem to lose weight. Health issues seemed to be accumulating and once I was told that I could have endometriosis, I realized so much of this was happening due to my poor food choices. I needed to reset and do what I could to reduce inflammation. The first week on Shape, my skin immediately improved. I felt clear headed and could focus better. I’m not tired all the time and have energy to take care of myself. I had slipped into a bad routine of saying I was too busy to cook and that’s not true. Shape helped me reprioritize and get back into better habits. I am healthier, happier and equipped to carry on after I’m finished with the program. Shape along with Dr Plaisance, has significantly helped me and I cannot recommend it enough.
— Ashley

I am a 63 year old woman who lost 40 lbs in 6 weeks with Shape reclaimed. Shape Reclaimed is more than a diet, it is a roadmap to long term sustained weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. Most diets work for a while, but do not teach long term habits, or you buy a certain product to attain weight loss and as soon as you stop using the product, you gain the weight back.

A successful diet/weight loss system:
Gives measurable results,
Teaches new habits to assure long term success
Individual help
Changes your body in healthy ways
Is easy to follow
Is natural
Leaves you feeling healthier and happier.

Shape Reclaimed checks all those boxes to help attain success.

Measureable results – like anything in life, if you follow directions you will achieve success. In my case, taking the drops and following the diet, I lost an average of 5 lbs per week. As a 63 year old, post-menopausal woman, I had given up on any weight loss. Thank you Shape Reclaimed!

New habits to achieve long term success. – Shape Reclaimed teaches you to note all the pitfalls in the food we eat. Learn to read labels and how your own body responds to different foods to aid in long term success.

Individual help – Shape Reclaimed is health and Science based, so having individual help is essential. Dr. Denise is amazing! She was always there for me, offering guidance and support. This is NOT a one size fits all weight loss system. Change can be hard, but Dr. Denise and her staff keep you on track.

Changes your body in healthy ways – Dr. Denise is there to teach the science of Shape Reclaimed, but basically the program targets the “yellow fat” and not the protective fat. I notice a difference in my body and my health. This also resets your hypothalamus, so my cravings have diminished and a healthier diet is much more doable.

Is easy to follow – Although the food choices are somewhat limited during the program, I was never hungry. There are no ‘products” to buy, the food you eat during the program can be self-prepared, so transitioning off the program is not difficult.

Is natural/leaves you feeling healthier and happier – You learn to eat healthy, whole food and your body responds as you transition off the program. I have been off the program for several weeks now and eating what I want and have not gained weight.
— Renee

Gina Nicole, St. Louis, MO
Doing SHAPE ReClaimed™ is so much more than a diet or a regimen. I had no idea my first go! It is a 100% complete health reset. I have done it more than once, and each time, it gets a lot better, and a lot easier! I came to Dr. Denise with several health issues, including irregular cycles (thank you PCOS). I have tried so many other things for this, and this is THE ONLY THING that has taken me back to neutral. I am like clock work when done. My eyes are brighter, skin glows, and the weight loss is the cherry on top! The results made a dramatic difference to my blood work and my thermography results showed WAY less inflammation. My Dr. even said my once diagnosed and non-curable “hashimotos” was gone. I have committed to giving my body this gift once a year, because it helps me that much. And while there are many practitioners who could oversee my journey, I choose Dr. Plaisance for her intuitive approach that is authentic and top notch.
— Gina Nicole Ballard, St. Louis, MO ~ www.ginanicole.net

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