Denise Plaisance, D.C.

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I walked into Denise’s office at the suggestion of a friend. I really had no idea why I was going or what I was going for exactly, but I followed the advice. I have been going ever since my first appointment! Denise has changed my life in so many ways. She has an amazing ability to connect to the body and find solutions to pains that have been occurring (both physically and emotionally for me). Denise is kindhearted, smart, and truly inspiring! She has helped me attain a feeling of balance that I haven’t had in a long time, helped me find a healthy eating plan that is easy for me, and helped me with my anxiety. The acupuncture and essential oils are something I swear by. Having a lot of energy and being ADHD, Denise has helped me find a balance which makes every day run smoother. Getting centered and adjusted is the best feeling! Denise has played a huge part in my new found happiness. She is absolutely magical and a gift in my life, and I would encourage anyone and everyone to visit her, even if you aren’t sure why you should go!!!!! She has taught me more about myself this past year and has helped me make improvements in my daily life. I love Denise and I am thankful to have her in my life!
— Katelyn White, St. Louis, MO
I first met Denise when I was suffering from an auto-immune meltdown. Having Celiac Disease means not having the best defenses when physical and emotional stress are raging. I needed help getting back in balance and Denise was a lifesaver. She addressed my physical distress by helping with body alignment, relaxing pressure points that were wound very tightly, and got me started on a restorative health program called Shape ReClaimed. The benefits of these treatments have been life changing and the tenets of Shape ReClaimed have become part of a healthy lifestyle for me. For those looking for a true healing space, a gifted homeopath & chiropractor and a new lease on life, you should meet Denise- love her!
— Jenny Gossow, St. Louis, MO.

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